Tenganan Pegringsingan Village Bali

The Teganan Pegringsingan or simply Tenganan village is considered diffrently from the other village in Bali. Many people think that Tenganan people is the real occupant of the island and called the Bali Aga. Though today the Tenganan village has now opened up and become accessible for other people outside of the village.

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The village The village is laid out in a large rectangle measuring some 500 m by 250 m, encircle by natural boundaries and wails. Unlike other Balinese villages, Tenganan concept of territorial and bodily purity and integrity plays and exceedingly important role in the village culture. Its reflected not only on important rituals but also in the idea that only if a person is healthy, physically as well as mentally, may he or she take part in rituals. No one with a disability and no outsider can be admitted to the adat organiza tions of the village.

As a result of this divinely rules scheme, the original layout and social organization of the village may not be changed. Houses, compounds, gardens, village council and youth groups are to be left
as the gods have created them. Should anything be changed or taken away, the curse of the gods would fall upon the village and its people would perish.

Anyone guilty of not respecting the inherited order is banned from participating in village rites, and thus from sharing in communal property. In the gravest of cases, they are even banished from the village altogether. The desa adat is itself regarded as divine and almighty as far as the traditional social order is concerned.

It is not surprising that a community regard ing itself as divinely blessed would strictly define its own members and place restric tions on outsiders. This exclusivity is can be found in the strict rules needed to enter the all village council. Only men or women without mental or physical defects and who were born and live in Tenganan then by the time they are marry, they can or eligible to join the council.

Each of the village practice endogamy ( marrying within the village ) which also has a restrictive effect. This is an absolute requirement, so men with second wives or wives from outside the village may not become members of the council and this also applied with women who have violated the marriage rules.

How to get there?

Tenganan village located nearby from the Candidasa village. Just before reaching the Candidasa beach there is a road to the left that lead to the Tenganan village. From the city of Denpasar it will takes around 1 hour to get there.

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