Temple in Bali

bali temple- uluwatu templeFor the Balinese, their temple is a sacred space in which most of their rituals and offerings are happening. The basic function of a temple is the same as the place for the Balinese to pay reverence to the spiritual powers which play a large role in their lives.

As you might known before that Bali is an island with thousands of temples which is true. There are big and small temples around the island of Bali and according to the Balinese they have two different temples. The first is house temples which is called "Sanggah" and the other is "pura" which refer to temple in a public domain.

On this site we will discuss some of the big temples in Bali include with their location, photos, videos and also the directions to get there.

Famous Temple

Batur Temple

bali temple- batur templeOne of the "Sad Khayangan" temple in Bali, the Tanah Lot temple located west of Denpasar around 20km away from the central city.

Batur Temple

Beratan Temple

bali temple- beratan templeFew tourists stop to explore Bedugul and lake Beratan on their journey from or to the north coast of Bali.

Beratan temple

Samuan Tiga Temple

samuan tiga templeThe Samuan Tiga temple was built around 10th century in the reign of King Chandrasangka Warmadewa. It was the Warmadewa Dynasty royal temple located in the meeting point of two rivers - river Pande and river Tegending.

Samuan Tiga temple