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Makepung – Buffalo Race in Jembrana Bali

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Makepung ( Bufallo Race ) Jembrana

makepung bali

makepung bali

Makepung or buffalo race is one of the tradition held after rice harvest in Jembrana, Bali. Today the bull race becoming not just a tradition but also a competition which held throughout the month of Juli until November. This is one of unique tradition in Bali which buffalo as a towing vehicle called “cikar”.

The buffalo head decorated with a very attractive golden color headdress. The path which the race is held usually a small path which used daily as a way for the villagers to reach the farm fields. The path length of about 4 km.

Makepung is a group race between the western and eastern group which point to a group located on each side of a river divided the area. The river is a city state river called the “Ijo Gading River” so on this competition there is no individual champions only team champions exist.

The Makepung race as stated earlier conducted as a fixed event regularly held every year from July until November. There are two big events which you should watch if you want to watch this tradition. The Regent Cup and the Governor Cup.

The Regent Cup for the year 2012 already past on 12 August but the Governor Cup 2012 will be held on 18 November 2012 in Delod Berawah village just before the city of Jembrana.

Here some gallery of Makepung race in Jembrana

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