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Greek Restaurants in Seminyak

Greek Restaurants in Seminyak

List of Greek Restaurants in Seminyak Worth to Visit

There are not so many Greek restaurants available in Seminyak Bali. Here at we try to compile some of the most recommended Greek restaurants in Seminyak Bali. So if you are around Seminyak and feels like you want to try Greek food then take a look at the list below or take a look at other type of restaurants available in Seminyak such as Italian restaurants, find the list of Italian restaurants in Seminyak here. Enjoy!
Mykonos, Seminyak, Bali

1. Mykonos

2. Pantarei

A beautiful Rosè 😊😊 #bali #businesstrip

A photo posted by kleopasdanang (@kleopasdanang) on

3. Pavezzo Tropical Bistro

#customers #lovelyday

A photo posted by Pavezzo Tropical Bistro (@pavezzobistro) on

4. Bestest Cafe

"Meatball Sub"

A photo posted by Chef Daddy ® (@daddyscafe) on

5. Olive

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