Senior Travelers to Bali

Before the island of Bali is quite difficult destination for senior people or people with limited mobility. Though in recent years the island already improving but on this two section definitely the island of Bali still lack from other tourist destination.

While many of the airlines that coming directly from around the world accommodate senior travelers on their flight, the island of Bali main airport are still far from adequate for senior travelers. We just hope that the currently the International airport having a major refurbishment would be suitable for senior travelers and also at the same time for people with limited mobility.

Being senior travelers in Bali has some advantage as the people of Bali have a great respect for senior people including the travelers. If you are coming to Bali with Senior travelers or you are one of the Senior traveler then it is advisable that you choose your vacation accommodation wisely. It is better off choosing in better hotels which can accommodate senior people or people with limited mobility.

Some better hotel that would cater for senior traveler would be the international chains hotels such as Hyatt, Sheraton, Intercontinental and others. Some of the private villas in Bali also designed their villas so it can cater for senior travelers and people with limited mobility.

Organized tours would also be the preferred option for you. Forget about public transport such as minibuses and bemos. But if your destination within Sanur and Nusa Dua then there is public buses which called Sarbagita which offer better services.

When traveling to Bali, you must remember to take all the medication, equipment, and prescriptions that you need. Though the island of Bali has major hospital but don't expect anything special from it.

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