Rip-offs and Scams to Avoid in Bali

Bali has been regarded as the best island in the world 2012 by Travel+Leisure magazine. The island of Bali has such relaxing atmosphere which makes this island chosen by many travelers as the best destination choices.

The island of Bali not just has great relaxing atmosphere, its people are so friendly which make you not aware that there are scams which can occured on the island of Bali. The island of Bali not just received incoming travelers from around the world, visited by children to senior citizen but the island also becoming the source of influx of workers from around Indonesia. Most of people who doing the rip offs or scams are not always Balinese. Some people will try to engage in a scams to deceit travelers in order to get their money.

Below are some of the scams which are common on the island of Bali.

# Rushing things without mentioning a price.

This practice is common among people who wants to take advantage from tourist who desperate need help when in trouble such as having a falt tire, car stop without reason, etc. These kind of people will create a sense of urgency and will demand high price for fixing your trouble.

# Come to see my village

This kind of scams though not quite often happen on the island of Bali but still occurred sometimes to first time travelers to the island of Bali. A Balinese guy will takes you to their poor village though probably not his own village, then the visitor will shock to see the conditions and will hand a sum of money to help some of the villagers. Though it’s okay to help them just make sure that the one who deserved the money get it.

# Winning a free holiday!

High pressure sales of timeshare holiday will try to trapped some visitors who sign in and regret it later. Many tickets will be given away by young people in tourist areas which you will win a great prize but you have to attend a sales pitch first.

#High rates - No commission

This kind of scams first found around Kuta area where many travelers are being ripped off by money changers who use sleight of hand and rigged calculators. Be assured to count your money twice in front of the moneychanger before leaving and don’t let him touch the money again after you have counted it.

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