Bali Surfing Guide

From long time ago the island of Bali has been known as the surfing paradise. In recent years the number of surfers coming to the island of Bali increased enormously. Time when the beach like Kuta beach or Echo beach in Canggu is quiet becoming a rare occasions.

The number of Balinese getting to surfing also increasing from year to year. The Balinese surfers known for their grace style which said influence by their traditional dances. Bali surfing competition becoming some of the major event for local and international. The surf facilities and services also improved. Shops around Kuta beach will offer just about anything you need for surfing.

Surfing Photos

Keramas Surfing Beach

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Surfing Information

There are many information about surfing or surfing tours available around Kuta beach, especially around Poppies II which in recent years becoming the center for anything related to surfing. Tide chart widely available around many surfing shops. For precise information just go to Tubes Bar on Poppies II or on many surf shops around Legian street. Getting yourself a Surf report magazine will also be another source of information.

Surfing Equipment

When surfing on the island of Bali you can bring your own boards. Usually if you bring more than two or three the custom official may object because it suggesting that you tend to sell them. Most of the boards size used by surfers around the island is the 7 foot mark which is perfect for the island waves.

You can get reasonable and good condition boards in Bali. When traveling to the island for your surfing adventure try to bring a good board cover and a running shoes because sometimes you will need to hikes to reach surfing spot.

Boards wax is available in Bali though it will not hurt if you take your own if you use it. Board repairs and materials can be found around Kuta beach but it is advisable that you bring your own if you will surfs around the island remote area where the materials and repairs are not available.

Some of the island beach contour is reef so you must take a pair of reefs boots and also to bring a betadine, surgical spirit and cotton buds if you cuts your own. This will be necessary when traveling to remote surfing beach of Bali.

Surfing Video

Equipment Rental

There are surfboards and boggie boards for rent on Kuta beach with many variable quality and prices. Some of the surf shops around Uluwatu or Balangan beach also rent boards.

Surfing Lessons

Today there are many surfing lessons can be found around the island but almost all of them centered on Kuta beach. Get a one day surf lessons for minimum of $50 or take the three day course for a better lessons in surfing for minimum of $130. usually prices already including equipment.

Where to Surf

The most well known breaks will be listed below, but there are places where you must look on your own as you learn more about the weather and the ocean conditions.

Places to surf in Bali:

  • Kuta and Legian beach

Try tubes around Halfway Kuta which known as the best for beginners to practice. Legian beach tubes can be very powerful with lefts and rights of Melasti and Padma street. For serious surfers can try the Kuta Reef which is a vast stretch of coral with variety of waves. Try also tubes south of Kuta reef near the airport. Airport Lefts which is workable wave at mid to high tide while the Airport Rights has three right handlers that can be a bit fickle and dangerous at low tide. This spot best for good surfers at mid to high tide with a strong swell.

  • Uluwatu

Uluwatu has about seven different breaks. If this is your first time to come here then just survey the situation first and see where other surfers are sitting and watch where they flick off. Some of the known breaks here are The Corner, The Peak, The Racetrack, Outside Corner, The Bommie.

  • Padang Padang

This super shallow left hand breaks is located just north of Uluwatu. This is a very demanding break from mid to high tide.

  • Impossibles

Just north of Padang padang, this outside reef break has three shifting peaks with fast left hand tube sections that can join up if the conditions are perfect.

  • Bingin

North of Padang Padang, this once secret spot becoming a crowded spot today. This best at mid tide with a 6 foot swell.

  • Dreamland

Go through the Pecatu Indah Resort to reach this spot. At low tide with a 5 foot swell, this solid peak offers a short, sharp right and a longer more tubular left.

  • Balangan

Balangan is a fast left over a shallow reef, unsurfable at low tide, good at mid tide with anything over a 4 foot swell. With an 8 foot swell this can be a classic wave.

  • Canggu

North Of Kuta with 6 foot swell. The peak breaks over a soft rock edge.

  • Balian

There are vew peaks near the mouth of Balian river which located in west of Bali.

  • Medewi

Another west of Bali surfing spot. Its a point break that can give a long ride right into the river mouth. The wave has a big drop which fills up then runs into workable inside section.

  • Nusa Lembongan

This island separated from the island of Bali. You can get there by using public boat at Sanur. Try the Lembongan Shipwreck, Lacerations or the Playground.

  • Nusa Dua

The reef of Nusa Dua has a very consistent swells. The main break is around 1 km off the beach. Try the Sri Lanka which works best at mid tide and can handle swells from 6 to 10 feet.

  • Serangan

The waves break to the right and left with anything over a 3 foot swell.

  • Sanur

Sanur has a hollow wave with excellent barrels. Its fickle and it doesnt start until you get a 6 foot swell. Try the Hyatt Reef, Tanjung sari, Tanjung Right or Padang Galak which offer break at high tide on small to medium swell.

  • Ketewel and Lebih

Located north of Sanur. Both of them are right hand breaks which dodgy at low tide and close out over 6 feet.

  • Jasri beach

Further east from Ketewel near from the Candidasa beach, this beach has a modest right hand beach break.

  • South Coast

The extreme south coast around the end of Bukit peninsula can be surfed at any time of the year. The beach around Nyang Nyang beach with its right hand reef break, The Green Ball which is another right which works on small to medium swell.