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Canggu Tourism Guide

Canggu Tourism Guide

The best of Canggu at Canggu Tourism Guide

First of all, Canggu is an area which is located on the western coast of the island not far from Seminyak and Denpasar city. This area is one of the island traditional fishing areas other than Jimbaran. The location of Canggu area which is close to the tourist areas makes the area which once was a farming and fishing community turned into a society that is dependent on tourism. It also makes a lot of tourism people and investors bought a lot of land around Canggu area to be converted into a villa, restaurant or hotel to support the tourism in this region.

How to get there?

How to go to the area of Canggu? As with other areas around the island that are not touched by public transport other than taxis then another way to go to the Canggu area and that is by renting a vehicle such as a motorcycle or car. If you want to take a taxi then please watch out for traffic jammed which occurs around 3 to 5 pm. The road that leading to the area of Canggu will be pretty jammed during those hours due to the number of vehicles crossing the curfew because of the workers in the field of tourism getting back from their workplace to their respective home. The rental price of two-wheeled vehicles ranging from IDR 50 thousand and four-wheeled vehicles ranging from IDR 200 thousand.

As stated above Canggu quite famous because it is situated adjacent to Seminyak but there are other things that make the Canggu area famous and it was not because of the proximity to the beaches of Seminyak but because it offers waves big enough for surfers. Just like the famous Kuta area as which first discovered by surfers and so did in the Canggu area, too. As more and more surfers coming to the area then little by little the face of Canggu turned into a tourist destination. then later today gradually the tourism facilities available in the form of private villa became one of the attraction of people to come to the area of Canggu in addition to enjoying the beaches or surf at beaches.
why canggu famous

What available in Canggu?

As one of the main tourist destinations in Bali, Canggu area provide a wide range of tourism facilities began from many restaurant around the beach, hotels and private villas ranging from one bedroom to the six bedrooms is also available around Canggu beach. If you want to learn to surf then there is also a facility to learn to surf which handled by several companies that are quite professional in his fields. If you want to travel out of the area of Canggu then here you can find enough tour guides who will escort wherever desired. Or if you want diving tour to Tulamben? Around Canggu there are several tour guides who provide diving tours around Bali. Almost all things that you desired also available around Canggu or simply by taking a few minutes to Seminyak then what you want or desired you will get it with more varied.

Where to eat?

Below are some of the example of where you can eat around Canggu area.

1) Betelnut

A firm favorite with expats and holidaymakers alike, this rustic two story restaurant is packed every night. But don’t worry about booking, as they will always make room for you. This restaurant provided healthy way of life from fresh juices, salads, wraps, veggie stacks, any diet-conscious traveler or vegetarian will feel right at home here. But before all you meat-eaters write it off, let it be known that it serves the best beef burgers in the East (in my opinion) as well as fish curry, steak, burritos and similar dishes. Expect to pay around 50,000rph for a meal and 20,000rph for a juice. Read the reviews HERE.

2) Roti Shop

Roti shop located right next door to Betelnut. Some of the dishes like the curry (you choose between Vegetable or Chicken) with roti on the side (you choose between roti or rice) and you will come back again and again because the curry is so delicious. Expect to pay around 40,000rph for a curry with side. Read the reviews HERE.

3) Bu Mi

If you’re looking for top class Nasi Campur (a dish of rice topped with vegetables, meats, noddles, egg, peanuts, etc but it served like a buffet so you pick and choose a selection of your favourite) head straight to Bu Mi on Batu Bolong Road. The best time to go is around lunchtime, if you leave it until around 4pm or later some of the dishes tend to run out, as they close around the time of sunset. A half plate will set you back around 7000rph and a full plate is 13,000rph, absolute bargain!

Other Places

Other restaurants you should try include La Mexicana (for the best Mexican food in Bali) Pis Bolong for the best organic food in the area, Echo Beach Cafe for tremendous sunset views, Trattoria for the best pizza and authentic Italian cuisine in town and Green Ginger for an extensive list of Indonesian vegetarian dishes.

Where to Sleep?

There are many accommodation facilities are available around Canggu beach start from home stay, the guest house to Canggu villas and hotels. If the available budget quite a bit then choose to stay at home stay or a guest house but if there is a budget that is more and come together with family then choose to spend the night in one of the private villa in Canggu. There are several choices of private villas in Canggu. Click Canggu villas to see some of the options available.

Any Culture to See?

There one particular culture attractions to see around Canggu called the “Makotekan” and its held a day before the “Nyepi day” in the village of Munggu just a bit north from Canggu. The event usually held around the afternoon.

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