Makepung Lampit in Jembrana Bali bali update rss

"Makepung Lampit" according to one of the resident of Peh village in Kaliakah Jembrana is inherent of joy after the villagers completed to loosen up and leveling the soil so it can be planted with rice paddies later.

"Makepung Lampit" is a kind of buffalo race without using the wheel as often held now in Jembrana district of Bali, but using the thing called "Lampit". Lampit is a tool to flatten rice fields before planting. "Makepung Lampit" have started to be implemented since the 1940 and stopped around 1990 after the available machines such as tractors to plow rice fields.

Makepung lampit Makepung Lampit photos taken in the village of Peh Kaliakah Jembrana. Click the picture above for more pictures around Makepung Lampit!

"Mekepung Lampit" now began to try to revitalized back in Kaliakah rural district of Jembrana at Subak Peh precisely. According to Wayan Sampun (60thn) one of the Subak management here, makepung Lampit attempted back again and intensified since 2010. In around a year there are could be around 2 times of this event that fit well with water schedule in the village of Peh where its water source comes from the Manistutu Benel retention.

Makepung Lampit use white buffalo or in Balinese society known as "Misa". Usually for this event buffalo adorned with "Gongsang" or some sort of device that emits sound hung in buffalo neck. The two buffalow combined together with a equipment named "Uga" made of Jempinis wood or Persian Lilac and woven with a rattan like wood. In the middle of the "Uga" is placed "Lampit" are used for leveling the ground.

Interested to see makepung Lampit? Check the video below!