Golfing in Bali

Each year there are many people from around the world deciding to take their summer vacation on the island of Bali. A large sum of the tourists is golfers. The island of Bali has so many inviting and beautiful sightseeing and activities that you can do and one of the activities on the island of Bali is golfing.

There are many golf courses and golf resorts in many vacation destination and since they can be found anywhere around the world, you may be wondering why you should come to Bali and play golf in one of the island golf course. There are many reasons for that but perhaps one of the reason people choose the island of Bali as their golf vacation is the climate.

The island of Bali settled around the Indonesian archipelago which located on the equator. Because of this the weather on the island of Bali is warm and pleasing. There are not many golfers able to experience playing golf in tropical weather and by playing in Bali you will be able to. Almost all year round the weather is nice and inviting so you can decide your vacation on the island of Bali anytime and will be guaranteed a beautiful warm weather.

But depending on the weather alone will not bring many golf lovers to come to Bali from around the world but the island of Bali is not just famous for its tropical weather. There are other reasons which make you and many other golfers wants to enjoy their golfing time on the island of Bali.

As mention earlier that the island of Bali located near from the equator which make the island full of magnificent white sandy beaches. The fact that almost all of the island golf courses located by the beach with beautiful view of the ocean and also the sunset. Many golfers will be able to feel the view from any directions.

So if you not yet plan your golf vacation then you are encourage to take a look on the island of Bali as your golf destination. Begin by finding about which golf course you want to play on in Bali then you can prepare for your trip. Once in Bali you will surely be able to see why the island of Bali is popular as a vacation destination.

Try the golf course in Tanah Lot and bring your family along on this vacation. Around the golf course there are many private villas which can be booked as your accommodation.

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