6 Best Rice Fields Views in Bali

bali rice fields

Bali island is one of such island in the world that is blessed with many beautiful sights and one of the tourist attractions on the island of Bali is the rice fields of Bali. Bali rice fields farming is unique because it uses the Balinese water irrigation system called Subak. In 2012 this irrigation system fell under the protection of UNESCO and the rice fields around Bali are a World Heritage Site.

The island rice fields regularly appear or featured in postcards because they gives us the sense of being in Tropical Island with unique beauty. Many foreigners who visiting the island of Bali will include rice fields tour in their vacation itinerary.

Some of the best area in Bali to see beautiful rice fields are in area described below.

Ubud - Tegalalang

This is the most famous place to see rice terraces as it's also near from other famous destination - the Ubud village and on the same way to other destination in central Bali such as Gunung kawi temple, Tampak Siring, Tirta Empul, Kintamani and many others. Located just a few minutes more from the Ubud village to the directions of Kintamani you will find this beautiful rice terraces on your right. Though the rice fields considered small than other places but its has exotic shapes and surround with cafes which offer relaxing cushion to maximize enjoying the scenery.


Jatiluwith in Tabanan region will be the second best destination to see beautiful rice terraces. here you will find a vast expanse of rice terraces. Just go along the penebel village near from the hot spring of Angsri. From Denpasar it will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to get to jatiluwih village. On a clear day you will find yourself on spectacular rice fields with Mount Batukaru as the background. Come to Jatiluwih when the rice fields before harvest and you will find the green to yellow color rice terraces just like a beautiful painting.


I like this spot which located in Karangasem regency just a minute walk towards the hill from Tirtagangga water palace you will find this beautiful rice terraces from above the hill. Because its so large and with the background of Mount Lempuyang, I like coming in the morning when harvest tome to take photographs of harvest activities here.


Another rice terraces destination is Pupuan village in west of Bali. Around 1.5 hours drive to Singaraja on Pupuan village you will find series of beautiful rice terraces as you moved along to the hill. The best place is around the several kilometers from the main road of Gilimanuk, next to a small warung on the right side. You will see stunning rice terraces along the hill and the ocean in far away sights. Simpy beautiful.

Soka Beach

If you turn left on the intersection to Pupuan then a few kilometers more you will reach the Soka beach and in front of Soka beach you will find beautiful rice terraces.


This is another place which quite similar to rice fields in Pupuan village. You will enjoy the view of rice fields from high place. If you are a photographer just find a Pelapuan village around area of Busungbiu and this will be a must visit places for you.