6 Beach Destination in Bali

bali beachWhen choosing your beach destination in Bali, sometimes it can be very difficult to pick which beach in the island of Bali to choose from many available fine beaches. The island of Bali has so many fine white sandy beaches which can be choose from just as a place to relax or to have various kind of water activities. Below are some of the best beaches in Bali for your vacation.

1. Nusa Dua beach
This is the spot for having a relaxed moment on an area which destined as resort enclave. Around the Nusa Dua beach you can relax, swim in the ocean, playing some golf and even indulge your self in one of the many available resort spa in the area. Nusa Dua beach featured with white and smooth sand which will be a great choice for your beach vacation.

2. Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran area known to have several fine white sandy beach. Located around the south coast of the island around the hill, this area is the home of some fine and famous beach such as Balangan beach, Uluwatu beach, Padang padang beach and many others. Beach around Jimbaran offer the chance to experiences to surf around some of the biggest waves in Bali. Though if you are a golf fanatic, then you still can get to play golf which located by the beachfront.

3. Kuta Beach
The Kuta beach is already famous in the world from the late 1970 where it first discovered by Australian tourist and since then become the trademark of visitors who comes to the island. Though Kuta beach is already crowded but you still can expect to be pampered like never before by having a beach massage, take a lesson in surfing, or choose to enjoy the wonderful sunset view not available anywhere around Bali.

4. Sanur Beach
At Sanur beach you can get various of water sport activities while you can also enjoy blue waters and sandy beaches. Sanur beach offer the best for your family vacation as the beach is calm and suitable for your kids.

5. Virgin Beach
Located around 1 hour drive to the east, this new jewel of the east is the beast place to have a secluded vacation by the beach. The beach it self is not that long as in Kuta beach but it still retain its tropical environment and not too many people around.

6. Hidden Beach

Located just before the Virgin beach, the Hidden beach located near from the Padang Bay harbor though you have to do some adventure to get to the beach. As the name implies, the beach located on a secluded area which can only be reached by walking along small path but the view and also the surrounding will give you the feeling of living on a true paradise.