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7 Things That Attract Visitor to Rent a Villa in Bali

7 Things That Attract Visitor to Rent a Villa in Bali

Beautiful Villa That Attract Visitor to Rent

Bali is heaven for many reasons. This article intended for villa owners in Bali who renting their private villa to guests. There are many villa owners in Bali who made their villa based on their own taste and some others try to mimicking the tropical side of Bali. But when the private villa is going to public or for rent sometimes it can get more than just a good design. There are others things to consider to make the villa occupied by guests.

The number of private villa in Bali for rent every day increasing more and more. In order to win the competition and getting more visitors to your villa then owners must have a good marketing strategies. Beside doing an online marketing for the villa the basic things regarding the product marketed or the villa in this way must be carefully considered. How you react to the end product will determined if the villa will be sold out or not. So what is the things to be considered to make you out of the competition in villa business in Bali? Take a look at some of the factors which make guests choose one villa or the others. Here are the 7 Things That Attract Visitor to Rent a Villa in Bali.

1. Nice and beautiful design
The design factors of building private villa is one of the way to getting out of the competition. You surely don’t want to build a villa which look like a normal house. The design must be unique but still maintain its purposes as a vacation retreat. Must of the villa sold as a vacation retreat has an open living design. Around 20% of them using Balinese design with alang alang roof, around 50% using Balinese design mixed with modern design and the rest using minimalist modern design but still has a bit of Balinese touch in it.

Villa Nawang Wulan

Villa with Balinese design using alang alang roof
Villa Nawang Wulan

2. Big and ample bedrooms
This is one of the important things to consider in building a vacation rental in Bali. The bedroom must be big enough with desired space around 5mx5m for the minimum or at least around 25 meter square for the bedroom alone. Many our guests at when coming to their villa cited that having bigger bedroom is very nice. Common words such as “wow” “the bedroom is huge” etc. When having a small plot of land for building vacation villa then your bedroom must unlike the land size. Try to make bigger bedroom! A lot of case that many villa owners in Bali having difficulty in renting their villa because they have just too little bedrooms.

Villa Shinta Dewi Bedroom

Big and Ample Bedroom Villa in Seminyak
Villa Shinta Dewi

3. Big bathroom with complete facilities
Another factor which guests seem to looked for on their vacation villa is big bathroom. The size of the villa bathroom is one of the things which made a villa different from regular home. It doesn’t have to be very big but large enough to put facilities such as bathtub, shower, wash basin, a toilet bowl and that there should be hot and cold water. Some upgrade optional facilities like a jacuzzi will be a better option. Good size for bathroom of a villa is around 3x3m or around 9 square meters in minimum. The bathroom also must have a open concept which some part of the bathroom open to the small garden or to the environment.

Villa Aiko Jimbaran

Villa with big bathroom in Jimbaran
Villa Aiko Jimbaran

4. Nice interior design
Interior design should in conjunction with the overall villa design. Guests has more interest with private villa who has good interior design using natural material such as wood. You can get many kind of arts and crafts to decorate your vacation villa in Ubud area more precisely in the village of Tegallalang. Here there are many interiors for home being sold by the local village and others cities around Indonesia. Here you can get arts and crafts to make your villa more beautiful, more unique and has its own peculiarities than any other villa in Bali. The price also quite moderate or tend to be cheap if you buying with many items on the same place.

Villa Kirana Ubud

Villa with nice interiors in Ubud Bali
Villa Kirana Ubud

5. Tropical gardens
This one is considered a prominent factor because most of our guests looked for private villa which has a beautiful tropical garden. This doesn’t mean that your villa must have big lot but if you maximize your lot you can create sense of being around tropical garden by using hanging gardens or vertical gardens. There are many private villa around Bali today which use vertical gardens as their way to create lush tropical gardens and its works.

Villa Chalina Estate Canggu garden

Villa with tropical garden in Canggu
Villa Chalina Estate Canggu

6. Swimming pool
This is also a prominent factor which separate regular villa or house to vacation villa in Bali. The bigger the pool the better. Pool which has unique design and shape also is a better option. There are many ways to make your villa pool look amazing and one of the way is by incorporating elements of the tropical garden around your pool will enhance the look and feel of the pool it self.

Villa Karang Putih Pool

Villa with big swimming pool in Jimbaran
Villa Karang Putih

7. Location and price
The last but not the least is the location and also the price. These two factors are related to one another, better location more cost and will result higher price. By combining these two you can get a head of competition on your villa business. Try to look for developed area where you can build you villa with big lots but on cheaper cost then combine all the other factors above to make your villa succeed ahead of the competition.

villa asada candidasa pool edge view

villa asada candidasa pool edge view location
Villa Asada Candidasa

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